Good days start with Coffee and You

Our Coffee

Every year, we travel the globe to find the finest coffee available. We'll try hundreds of samples from any one country. Then, we select the most spectacular coffees to bring home to you. Our company's size is perfect for sourcing the best of each country's crop. We're able to bring in special coffees that might otherwise be out of the small roaster's reach or too limited in supply for the large roaster.

New York

There is one right way to roast coffee.

It all starts with a coffee tree that bears luscious red fruit or “cherries." Coffee beans are the seeds inside the ripe cherries. However, every coffee-producing country--from Indonesia to Ethiopia to Costa Rica--processes the bean differently based on their own unique economy, geography, cultural traditions and available resources.

We try to make as many trips to producing countries as we're able so we can see how the farmers grow their crops, their sustainable methods for using all byproducts, their ways of processing the beans, roasting the beans and preparing the brew. We've been to South America, Central America, Africa and India. Our next trip is to Indonesia--with our son, Sebastian, in the vanguard, spending 6 months in Hawaii and Indonesia working with coffee farms--to meet with our producers and form direct relationships with them. We bring these experiences back home in our continuing effort to roast and prepare better coffee, to inform our customers, and to help provide better lives for growers.